Like a great deal of Siobhán’s design work, her involvement in catalogue production has mostly developed from her photographic projects and clients. The combination of her photography skills and many years in architectural and interior-design practices gives her clients confidence in SDD’s ability to produce graphic-design material for catalogues, personalised sketch pads, postcard collections and display boxes.


CRS Sketch Book gift band
CRS Sketch Book Cover - rear and front
Paper samples
CRS Sketch Book Covers with spine and business card
CRS business card with foil stamp
Competition entry presentation box and components
Competition entry presentation box and components with rug insert
Serene Enigma Cover

Serene Enigma is an example of such a combination. SDD was commissioned to capture the work of Morocco-born artist Ghizlan el Glaoui, and subsequently was asked to develop and produce a catalogue to best show these wonderful portraits. In this case, the catalogue-design concept was inspired by the process through which the artist goes in order to produce her artworks.

Ghizlan El Glaoui / Serene Enigma Catalogue cover with acrylic sleeve
Serene Enigma Catalogue folded concertina spead in closed position
Serene Enigma Catalogue concertina spead in opened position with semi transparent page
Serene enigna double spread with border
Serene Enigma Catalogue - triple pullout spread
‘The scatter proofs’ for approval
Serene Enigma Catalogue double spread with translucent caption page
Postcard set
Postcard set 2