Savoy | The Restoration was selected for the first Foto Industria Bologna biennial in October 2013 ( Foto Industria, Bologna 13 was directed by François Hébel, Director of the Rencontres de la Photographie exhibitions, Arles.

The series was exhibited as an 8-minute projection, with sound commissioned by SDD and produced by Sovra Wilson-Dickson.

Siobhán describes working with Sovra as ‘a joy’, adding: ‘I compiled a number of classical pieces that I liked, and which I felt best portrayed the feeling I wanted my sitters to experience’. Several reiterations followed, but the final piece encapsulated the mood of the journey that Siobhán had taken over the 3-year documentation project. She felt that adding music to these photographs elevated the series to a new level of experience.

Projection was created by Foto Industria


Savoy - IL Restauro / The Restoration

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Savoy - IL Restauro / The Restoration