With her background in design, it’s no surprise that Siobhán’s interest in photography does not stop at the click of the shutter button. For her, the presentation of the image is equally important – and this aspect adds a richness and depth to her work.

‘I find it inspiring to think about the different options for the final format and presentation of an image or series; although most projects I shoot are for digital usage by my clients, some are for exhibitions, books, catalogues and video. The final choice of output can add many new dimensions to the original work.’

Siobhán Doran Design (SDD) brings together the expertise of graphic designers, writers, printers, framers and exhibition builders, led by Siobhán. Combining the team’s craftsmanship with her own vision, Siobhán seamlessly curates exhibitions, designs books, produces text and creates artworks for her many corporate and private clients.

‘Photography is a very solo affair, so when I’ve finished on the shoots it’s exciting to go back to the drawing board and create the final piece. I am increasingly being asked to assist with the presentation of not just my own images but also that of other works already in clients’ collections.’

SDD projects range in size. Assignments currently include creating a photography competition for a corporate client, curating existing artwork for permanent display in a client’s building and designing light boxes to show Siobhán’s forest landscapes within the interior-design scheme of a client’s London residence.


Bryony removing the deckled exhibition caption