SDD was asked to develop 22 signage artworks for the newly renovated rooms in Savoy Place, the London headquarters of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Each artwork was to be dedicated to one of the institution’s inspiring historical members

Siobhan’s  proposal was to incorporate portraiture, text and illustrative elements of the individuals’ work in order to produce a unique design format that could be applied to all the artworks in turn.


Concept board
William Morris Photography - photographer unknown
William Morris Illustration from photograph
Morris Minor Car Illustration
Mockup wall with work in progress artworks
William Morris final Artwork
Louis Mountbatten Final Artwork
Alexander Siemens Final Artwork
Amy Johnson Final Artwork
Material details showing deckled edge to paper and artwork floating withing a box frame
Final detail howing deckled edge graphic floating in box frame with museum glass

From the outset, Siobhán realised that existing portraits/photographs of the individuals were problematic as they varied so greatly in style and medium. A new set of contemporary portraits were proposed in order to achieve consistency. SDD commissioned an illustrator to produce these likenesses, alongside which Siobhán and her team of writers and designers researched and developed the final artwork whilst directing the illustrator on finishing touches to suit the final graphic.

Artwork insitu - Wedmore Boardroom
Final artwork presentation with deckled edge graphic floating in box frame with museum glasss