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Jennings Design Studio describe their Tootoomoo restaurant project as ‘A radical, innovative, Asian street food restaurant concept designed for multiple locations, the first at Crouch End Hill. Designed around an open central kitchen they use natural, reclaimed and recycled materials to achieve an atmospheric street feel, complemented by stunning graffiti from the renowned artist Milo’.


Architects: Jennings Design Studio

Tootoomoo, external elevation evening
tootoomoo restaurant entrance / counter view
tootoomoo restaurant entrance / counter view with person
Tootoomoo shelving detail
Tootoomoo restaurant and counter detail
Tootoomoo restaurant graphic detail
Tootoomoo corridor seating are with overhead lights
Tootoomoo restaurant seating and interior design with person
Tootoomoo restaurant table layout with painted wall and light
Tootoomoo restaurant internal graffiti style artwork by artist Milo
Tootoomoo restaurantdoor to kitchen with painted walls and person
Tootoomoo in RIAI arcticle, text, photographs and drawing

Published in the Architecture Ireland Journal (The Journal of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland). Issue 281 page 42 & 43.